Gothic Quiz

The king of classic RPG games - GOTHIC of Piranha Bytes! Finally get its own Quiz!

Ready to play on Google Play!

Don't have Android? Just use your Web Browser on any device!
(iOS warm welcomed)

Available in 3 languages

German, Polish, English

Questions in Quiz are challenging and will take time to master.
Choose one of the three Camps:

Knaves of Mines - followers of Gothic I

Piss Ravens - followers of Gothic II + Night of the Raven

Gulls of Okara - followers of Gothic III

For those with great knowledge of the games - Swampweed is awaiting!
The more Swampweed you gather, the stronger your Camp will become.
Exchange Swampweed for 1 of +100 Avatars!
Our questions base exceeded 4000x!
Climb the hierarchy of your Camp, and maybe one day you will become its leader and you will lead it to the domination!

If you like what we have done. You can think about small suppport.
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Update 2.0 [01.02.2024]:
- Web Browser support!

Foreseen Updates

- Tournaments

Elder Updates

Update 1.1 [4.12.2023]:
- Fixes
- Option to choose Gothic games

Release [27.11.2023]

We are not the authors of the assets from Gothic game series, We are just using them to promote the game.
It is a total fan service. From fans for fans of this awesome game series! All the assets belong to their real owners, Piranha Bytes, Joowod, THQ.
And whoever taffer now holding the hand on the Gothic IP...

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